5 Reasons To Not DIY Your Divorce


5 Reasons To Not DIY Your Divorce

Divorce is not an easy process. Aside from the emotional trauma of dividing from a person who is deeply rooted in your life, there are other factors that add to the stress and complication of a divorce. Child custody issues, dividing mutual property and mutual debt all add to the burden. Trying to navigate through a divorce on your own can become extremely overwhelming and could cause major issues for you in the future. It is vital that you work with an experienced divorce attorney that can help you eliminate mistakes, make sure nothing is left out, and help support you and your family so that the divorce process can run as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Here are five good reasons why you should hire a divorce attorney instead of trying to do it yourself:

1. To Minimize Mistakes

There are many details when it comes to a divorce. Debt acquired during a marriage can become mutual debt and you may end up owing money to creditors that you may not have known existed. There are intricate details to child custody issues and you may end up getting less out of your child custody agreement because you may not realize you are entitled to more. Each detail is one that could have serious repercussions on your life and you don’t want to overlook anything. Legal professionals that can remain neutral and calm will make sure that every detail is in order and that every step has been taken to prevent mistakes. Divorce is final. You want to get it right the first time.

2. Prevent Stress

Divorce is stressful enough on its own. There is an overwhelming amount of worry placed on finances, child custody, paperwork, moving, family issues, and taking care of yourself and your family on a day to day basis. Hiring a qualified attorney will help take some of the load off and allow you to rest easy knowing that your attorney is going to help you get the best outcome possible in your divorce.

3. Speed Things Up

Everyone talks about how lengthy and dragged out divorces end up being. Best case scenario, you have your divorce papers signed in the minimum allotted time frame, but that rarely happens. When disagreements and disputes arise, the process takes much longer to finalize and can become costly. In Idaho, you can speed up the process by hiring an educated and experienced divorce attorney at Baker-Harris Law. Hiring professionals who know the rules and the court system helps speed things along when a divorce gets complicated.

4. Save Money

If you think that you can minimize the cost of yourself by doing it on your own, think again! Lawyer fees get you through the divorce process faster and with fewer mistakes. Overlooking details and not knowing your rights and obligations can cause you trouble in the future. Especially if your spouse has hired an attorney.

5. Permanent Results

There is a language of law for a reason and when it comes to divorce, you want to make sure paperwork is worded correctly or any agreements that you make with your spouse may not be legally binding. If you want permanent results that are legal in the courts’ eyes, you need to hire a professional.

Baker-Harris Law in Pocatello Idaho is a professional family law service that can provide confident and competent attorneys to help you maneuver your divorce as smoothly as possible. Contact them today for a consultation.