5 Steps To A Better Workman’s Comp Claim In Pocatello


5 Steps To A Better Workman’s Comp Claim In Pocatello

Most Pocatello employees are required to purchase workman’s comp insurance that will cover injuries and illnesses experienced by employees while on the job, but not every worker is entitled to the benefits. For example, temporary employees and independent contractors are not usually covered by workman’s comp insurance – but regular employees are.

Workman’s compensation is insurance intended to cover an employee’s medical costs and missed wages if they can prove that they were injured or became ill as a result of performing their job. Dealing with workman’s comp insurance to receive a payout for a claim isn’t an easy task and there are many gray areas. When dealing with workman’s comp insurance, be sure to consult with a qualified and experienced workman’s comp attorney like Baker And Harris in Pocatello to make sure you get what you deserve.

Because workman’s comp doesn’t actually WANT to payout on a claim, it’s important to understand a few details regarding workman’s comp and steps that you can take to make sure you are in compliance with what they want. Here are 5 things that you need to consider if you want to file a workman’s comp insurance claim.

  • The First Thing You Should Always Do Is Report Your Injury – Immediately! Get in touch with your HR department and write a report. Be sure to date it, be thorough and make a copy for yourself. Having a witness at work will not suffice. If you are suffering from a work-related illness, as soon as your doctor says that the illness was caused by a hazard at work, gather the medical records and file a report with your HR department. This is a crucial step in the workman’s comp claim process that can quickly get you denied.
  • Don’t Ever Put Off Seeing A Doctor – Your claim will rely on proof that your injury or illness was work-related and that it warranted time off work. Seeing a medical professional right away is just as crucial as filing a report with your HR department. Be thorough with your doctor about the details surrounding the injury or illness and history at work. Be sure to collect the documentation for your records, you will need it later.
  • Workman’s Comp Is A No-Fault Insurance – If you are standing too close to a forklift and it runs over your foot, you aren’t going to be denied workman’s comp insurance. Workman’s comp is no-fault insurance and you aren’t going to be denied a claim because you caused an injury. However, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or injured due to unreasonably goofing off at work (like jumping out of a window on a dare), then your claim more than likely will be denied.
  • Consult With An Experienced Attorney – Honestly, you don’t want to deal with workman’s comp without an experienced attorney that knows what to expect from the insurance agents and who can negotiate a fair settlement if possible. Workman’s comp does NOT want to pay out what they are entitled to and will find excuses not to. An experienced workman’s comp attorney will hold the insurance company accountable and make sure you have taken every necessary step and precaution to avoid your claim being denied.
  • Don’t Expect To Receive A High Payout – Workman’s comp has no intention of making you feel rich. In fact, some states have a max workman’s comp benefit of only $725 a week. If you are used to making more than this – you could take another hit as a result of your injury. Large benefits are uncommon.

Experienced Workman’s Comp Attorney In Pocatello

You don’t have to be intimidated or bullied by workman’s comp insurance agents whose job is to find reasons NOT to pay your claim. Contact the experienced workman’s comp attorneys at Baker And Harris Law in Pocatello and get what is rightfully yours. Our experienced and professional staff can help you.