5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims And Why You Need A Lawyer


5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims And Why You Need A Lawyer

Most personal injury cases in the United States are caused by the negligence of another person. When someone else’s mistake costs you, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer that can help you get the respite you need and deserve. You do not have to suffer physically or financially because of another person’s negligence. You can take the appropriate steps to file a personal injury claim and be compensated for medical expenses, financial loss, and more. If you have been the victim of a personal injury, consult the professional personal injury lawyers in Pocatello at Baker And Harris Law.

How Do You Know If You Are The Victim Of A Personal Injury?

Personal injury laws allow injured people to be compensated for another person’s wrongful conduct. Whether the other person purposely caused injury or if the accident was due to negligence, you can be compensated for your pain and suffering. There are many situations that could be considered personal injuries that should be compensated for, but here are some of the more common.

1. Product Liability

Defective products cause thousands of injuries each year. The manufacturers of those products have an obligation to make sure those products are safe for consumers to use. When they fail to meet this requirement, the consumers of the product have the right to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer. This is common with food products, medications, safety equipment, and automobiles.

2. Slip And Fall

Public areas are often the blame for slip and fall injuries. These injuries can be very serious and the victim could sustain hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical debt, not to mention time off work due to the injury and/or permanent disability. When these types of injuries are sustained, the victim can consult with a personal injury lawyer to establish the best course of action to take against the agency involved.

3. Vehicle Accident Claims

Car accidents are another very common type of personal injury that could result in a legal claim. Car accidents that are caused by drunk driving, distracted driving, and failing to follow the rules of the road can quickly become a potential personal injury claim in which you could be awarded compensation for injuries and losses sustained in the accident.

4. Assault

Assault is a common case filed against criminals every year, and while assault is considered a criminal offense, the victim of the assault has the legal right to file a suit against the person who attacked him/her. When an assault results in medical expenses because of injury, the victim can file for compensation from the assaulter.

5. Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a more complicated type of personal injury claim. Medical malpractice claims can be filed when a person did not receive reasonable care while in the care of a medical professional. Unfortunately, these claims require hiring a medical expert who can prove that this standard of care was not reached and that proper medical practices were not followed. This isn’t easy and definitely requires the assistance of a personal injury lawyer who has the experience and understanding needed to see a medical malpractice claim successfully.

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