About Workman’s Comp Insurance


About Workman’s Comp Insurance

Think You Might Have a Workman’s Comp Claim? Baker and Harris Law in Idaho Fall Can Help!

Workman’s compensation law is an important part of the law that protects the employee from being financially responsible for accidents that occurred to them while on the job. Workman’s comp claims can typically provide the following benefits.

  • Payments of any medical expenses
  • Wage replacement payments while the injured employee is still unable to work. On average, this turns out to be about 67 percent of the original wage.
  • Compensation for permanent impairments
  • Compensation for the loss of earning capacity
  • Lifetime disability payments if the injury is bad enough to cause total and permanent disability to the worker.

As you can see, the scope of workman’s comp benefits is far-reaching and extends to at least financially cover most of the difficulties brought on by an injury that would qualify for a workman’s comp case.

Which Injuries Could Lead to a Workman’s Comp Claim?

The types of injuries that fall under workman’s comp law are pretty diverse and can range from long-term repetitive injuries to one-time accidents causing injury. Here are some examples of the most common types of claims:

Overexertion- This is a common form of workers comp claims. Employees in a tough work environment often have to push themselves to get the job done. If they push themselves too hard causing injury they could be covered by worker’s comp benefits.

Highway Incident- the injury doesn’t have to take place on actual company property for it to be covered. For example, if an employee is traveling on the highway to go perform some job-related function and is injured in a car crash they would have a worker’s comp claim. This principle is the same for other accidents as well. The accident or injury does not necessarily have to take place on company property or during work hours. If you can prove you were doing some work-related function or duty when the injury occurred, you may have a viable worker’s comp claim.

Repetitive Motion- Some jobs require its employees to do the same things over and over again. In some cases, this can lead to injury as the body wears down performing the same task thousands of times. These injuries are covered by worker’s comp benefits.

Machinery Accident- Any accident involved machinery will likely be involved a worker’s comp claim. Whether the injury is caused by a defect in the machine or even by user error, it will still likely be covered.

Workplace Violence- Workplace violence is an important possibility to consider since workplace shootings have been on such a dramatic rise. Any injuries sustained from a violence in the workplace situation would be covered.

If you fall into any of those categories above or even if you didn’t but sustained an injury somehow relating to your work you may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits! Don’t waste any time not receiving the benefits that are rightfully yours and contact Jonathan Harris who specialize in this type of law at Baker and Harris Law in Idaho Falls for a free consultation!