Benefits Of Mediation


Benefits Of Mediation

For those unfamiliar with mediation, mediation is a formal way to resolve conflict during different legal issues. Mediation is often used in divorce cases and custody cases. A mediator is a person that guides two parties through a negotiation process so that both parties can limit stress, ease tension, and same time and money, ultimately resolving the conflict and avoiding costly legal fees.

Let’s talk about some of the main benefits that come from choosing mediation to resolve conflict during legal issues:

  1. Saving Money – Court costs and legal fees are expensive. When there is constant conflict in a legal issue and no resolution, court fees keep adding up. A mediator can help both parties understand what stakes are at hand and how comfortable resolution can benefit both sides and save them money.
  2. Support – During legal issues, you may feel lonely and confused. It isn’t uncommon for both parties to feel like they are being attacked by the other side. Mediators are neutral professionals that want what is best for both parties and can limit the feelings of stress and aggression. Both parties can feel safe and like they have someone on their side.
  3. Relationships – Relationships that are falling apart during legal issues are in danger of complete demolishment. A mediator can help both sides get through the legal issues while helping the relationship stay as intact as possible. Relationships do not have to be permanently destroyed during legal issues.
  4. Outcome – Without a mediator, your case could go on and on and seem as if it will never end. Mediators can point out several aspects and perspectives that may be foreign to both parties. When different parties are feeling used or confused, it can be difficult for them to agree on a resolution, but a mediator can point out how both parties will benefit – resolving the issue sooner.
  5. It Is Not Mandatory – Mediation is not mandatory. It is a gift to couples in conflict. Either person has the ability to step out and leave the mediation process at any moment.
  6. Control – When people feel threatened, they feel like they lack control and are reacting without thinking clearly. Mediators are great at pointing out that both parties are in control of the situation and encouraged to think about how their actions will affect themselves and each other.
  7. Humanization – When you are in conflict with a person, emotions are crazy and stress levels rise. It is easy to look at the other party and remember all of the terrible words, fights, and disappointing aspects of the relationship. A mediator can help you both recall who each other is and help you humanize each other – making each other seem less of a threat and more of a person that is just trying to resolve the situation.

Remember that the other party feels just like you do. There is fear, there is anger, there are stress and chaos. Baker Harris Law has an amazing mediation team that can help you understand both of your rights and provide insights and ideas that could work for your personal situation. When you are in need of conflict resolution, rely on the professionals at Baker-Harris in Blackfoot.