Blackfoot Workers Compensation Claims – What You Must Know


Blackfoot Workers Compensation Claims – What You Must Know

Workers’ compensationworkers comp attorney blackfoot is offered to individuals who have been injured during work activities. Whether they are driving to a work site or for a work project, injured while cleaning for an employer or even injured from repetitive movement performing work duties, employees who are injured or have fallen ill due to work-related activities can receive this benefit.

What most people seem to think about in terms of workers’ compensation is how difficult it is to get and how simple mistakes can cause a claim to be denied. Understanding your legal rights and responsibilities can simplify the claim process and help you win your claim. Individuals often miss out on benefits they are entitled to because of an error in documentation filing, seeking medical attention, or filling out an accident report at work.

Blackfoot Workers Compensation Claims – What You Must Know

Don’t Miss Out On Benefits You Are Entitled To

To make sure you are taking every action necessary to receive the workers comp benefits you are entitled to, you need to make sure you follow the appropriate steps. And don’t forget to reach out to a reputable workers comp attorney who can help you.

  • Report Your Injury Immediately To HR – You need to report your injury to your HR office at work immediately following an accident. Any delay in reporting the accident can significantly harm your workers comp claim. Your employer should have paperwork that you can fill out to report how the accident happened, what kind of injury you obtained, what was happening at the time of the injury, where the injury occurred and more.
  • See A Doctor ASAP – Medical attention should be sought as soon as the accident is reported. Don’t wait a day or two. Medical attention can help your injuries heal faster and the medical documentation and bills serve as proof of your treatment and diagnosis of the injury. This is a crucial piece of evidence during the claim process. Workers comp agents may argue that your injury wasn’t very serious if you don’t seek medical attention right away.
  • Know Your Benefits -Depending on the type of injury sustained, there might be differences in the type of insurance available and in the eligibility requirements. Without understanding your benefits, you won’t really know what is available to you when an accident does happen.
  • IME – Independent Medical Examinations – These medical exams are scheduled by the insurance company. They are meant to determine the extent of the injury. If these exams are not followed through with, benefits through workers compensation can be terminated. If you aren’t sure how to handle these exams and want to prepare for them in advance, talking to an attorney that is educated and skilled in Workers’ Comp benefits can help.
  • Be Mindful That Workers Comp Agents Could Be Watching – Surveillance is something that workers comp agents are not afraid to use to try to see if your behavior matches your reports. Your credibility will be tested and a PI may be following you to gather information. Anything misleading could put you at risk of losing benefits.
  • Don’t Miss Meetings/Appointments – If any hearing, meeting or appointment is scheduled – do not miss it. These appointments are urgent and required to keep your benefits going. Missing out on any could mean the dismissal of your claim and termination of benefits.

Professional Workers Compensation Attorney In Blackfoot

Hiring an attorney for a worker’s compensation claim can help you in instances if compensation is being denied or reduced, they can assist in settlements, and in starting the initial filing of a workers compensation claim.

Settling a claim without an attorney is not advised as you may settle for much less than you deserve just to get the process over with. Hire a workers’ comp lawyer that can help you during pivotal moments.  If you are in the Blackfoot, ID area, contact the professional attorneys at Baker Harris Law. They can help you when during any stage of the claims process.