Blackfoot’s Top 6 Workman’s Comp Lawyer Questions


Blackfoot’s Top 6 Workman’s Comp Lawyer Questions

workers comp lawyer blackfoot, workers compensation blackfoot, workers comp benefits blackfootIn Blackfoot, workman’s comp lawyers are asked a number of questions from people who have been hurt on the job. While Baker Harris Law attorneys are prepared to answer any of your worker’s comp questions, there are some questions that are asked more often than others.

Top 6 Questions Worker’s Comp Lawyers In Blackfoot Are Asked

  1. Am I covered by worker’s compensation through my employer? – Great question! That depends on your status as an employee. Many contracted employees, volunteers, and domestic workers in private homes are not covered. You can find more information regarding worker’s compensation coverage here:
  2. What is covered under worker’s comp benefits? – People who have been injured or gotten ill due to job-related duties want to know what the insurance is going to cover for them. Typically, worker’s comp benefits can include medical expenses, lost wages due to the injury or illness, costs of ongoing care, and funeral expenses for employees who have died as a result of work-related injury or illness.
  3. Do I have to go to a doctor after a work-related injury? – Yes. To qualify for worker’s comp benefits, you will have to prove that the injury is work-related. A doctor will have to confirm an injury or illness and you will be required to submit all medical and financial documentation related to your care.
  4. Do I have to inform my employer of an injury or illness? – An injury or illness that happens during work should always be communicated with an employer right away. You should contact the HR department and file a report about the accident including any witnesses who were there. Being very detailed, thorough, and timely in reporting the incident can help your worker’s comp claim success.
  5. Do I have to have an attorney to get worker’s comp benefits? – You do not have to hire an attorney to receive worker’s comp benefits. Worker’s compensation claims can be difficult to successfully push through if you don’t have experience. A worker’s comp lawyer understands the rules, laws, and timelines associated with worker’s comp claims. A lawyer can help you gather all of the information you need, put the paperwork together, negotiate settlements with workers comp representatives, and more. While hiring an attorney for worker’s comp is not required, it is highly suggested to make sure you get the benefits that you are entitled to.
  6. What if an injury at work was a result of my mistake? – Tripping on the stairs and falling down may not be directly caused by your employee, but it doesn’t make you exempt from receiving worker’s comp benefits. Worker’s comp may be denied if you

based on several factors including your own carelessness or neglect, using illegal drugs, or being impaired on the job. However, always speak to an attorney to determine if your situation warrants a claim or not, and if you are entitled to receive benefits.

You don’t have to go through a worker’s comp claim in Blackfoot alone. The professionals at Baker Harris Law are experienced and ready to help you find success in your claim. Don’t settle for less – talk to our lawyers for the best outcome possible.