Blackfoot Workers Compensation Claims – What You Must Know

workers comp attorney blackfoot

Workers’ compensation is offered to individuals who have been injured during work activities. Whether they are driving to a work site or for a work project, injured while cleaning for an employer or even injured from repetitive movement performing work duties, employees who are injured or have fallen ill due to work-related activities can receive […]

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Workers Comp In Pocatello Isn’t Going To Cover These 4 Things

workers comp lawyer pocatello

Baker Harris is a highly experienced law firm when it comes to Pocatello workers comp claims. We’ve seen so many different situations and we know what the workman’s comp coverage looks like for an employee who is injured on the job. Thankfully, workman’s comp exists and is a crucial and necessary benefit to employees who are injured […]

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5 Common Legal Mistakes Blackfoot Small Business Owners Make

small business planning lawyer

Blackfoot business owners are just like business owners all over the country. They are busy trying to build and grow their business. Marketing, networking, training employees, and providing quality customer service is a primary focus. Sometimes, though, the legal components of running the business are overlooked. Usually it’s not because the business owner doesn’t want […]

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8 Things About Pocatello Workers Comp Claims You Probably Don’t Know

workers comp lawyer pocatello

Workers Comp benefits are not completely black and white – there is definitely gray area and different situations garner different results. One thing always stays the same though. If you are in Pocatello and you are thinking about filing a workers comp claim, you should consult with a workers comp attorney that can help you […]

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5 Reasons You Should Always Hire A Divorce Attorney

pocatello divorce attorney

When a marriage is ending, many couples feel that there isn’t enough reason to hire a divorce attorney. There may not be many assets to split up or children involved in the divorce so they settle for filing the divorce case on their own. However, issues usually arise later on for couples who did not […]

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Pocatello Adoptions – What You Need To Know

adoption lawyer pocatello

Waiting to become a parent by adoption can be exhausting for anyone who is choosing to adopt a child. There is not one reason that people consider adoption; there are many. Whatever the reasoning may be, there are many different factors that potential adoptive parents need to know before committing to the process. All adoptions […]

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Preparing For Summertime Visitation With A Non-Custodial Parent

child custody and family law lawyer blackfoot

Summertime visitation can be stressful for kids of divorced parents – and for the divorced parents. For those whose custody arrangement includes one parent having primary custody during the school year and the other having limited visitation, it might be particularly difficult to transition to the summertime custody schedule. If modifications are in order, you […]

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Want To Know What Is Covered By Worker’s Comp?

workers compensation attorney pocatello

Job-related injuries or illnesses are covered under Idaho workers’ compensation benefits – with the exception of a few less-common circumstances. Workers’ comp insurance covers injuries that occur during the course of employment. This could be an injury related to a fall, machine malfunction, automobile accident or another accident that causes injury. This can also be […]

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Blackfoot Divorce: What You Need To Know

blackfoot divorce attorney

When divorce is the only option you feel is left – the process becomes necessary to move forward with your life. But getting a divorce can be complicated and tricky. There is paperwork that must be completed and filed in the right order, deadlines that need to be met, and documents that have to delivered […]

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4 Ways A Family Law Attorney Can Help You

family law attorney pocatello

Family law attorneys specialize in various aspects of family law. They might act as mediators in family disagreements. They handle family issues like divorce, child custody, and much more.  The experienced family law attorneys at Baker And Harris Law in Pocatello are thorough and detailed with family law issues – we understand that the legal […]

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Modify Holiday Visitation Plans With Expert Mediation

family law attorney blackfoot, child custody lawyer blackfoot, child custody mediator blackfoot

If your Christmas has been miserable since your divorce or separation, you have probably put some thought into the way your custody arrangement is set up and how the holidays are divided between you and your children’s other parent.  When the holidays leave one parent alone, that parent can easily become angered, resentful and jealous […]

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COVID-19 And Child Custody Concerns

child custody pocatello, child custody lawyer pocatello, child custody attorney pocatello

Child custody issues are a challenge on their own, but add in the Coronavirus pandemic and families are finding extra complications in their daily lives. Because safety is such a huge concern, child custody and visitation becomes a nightmare for parents concerned with the safety and well-being of their children. How Does Coronavirus Complicate Child […]

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5 Common Types Of Automobile Accident Lawsuits

automobile attorney pocatello, automobile lawyer pocatello

Baker And Harris Law is a reputable law firm in Pocatello that has handled hundreds of automobile accident lawsuits. More than 30,000 people die and 1.5 million people are injured every year due to some type of car accident. Accidents are caused by distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, driver fatigue, and much more. Automobile accidents […]

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