Modify Holiday Visitation Plans With Expert Mediation

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If your Christmas has been miserable since your divorce or separation, you have probably put some thought into the way your custody arrangement is set up and how the holidays are divided between you and your children’s other parent.  When the holidays leave one parent alone, that parent can easily become angered, resentful and jealous […]

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Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

Nobody wants to go through the divorce process. Nobody wants to deal with the stress, the incessant fighting, and feelings of despair that usually come with a divorce. Luckily, a divorce doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out battle that feels like you’re either winning or losing. There are steps that can be taken to […]

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Benefits Of Mediation

For those unfamiliar with mediation, mediation is a formal way to resolve conflict during different legal issues. Mediation is often used in divorce cases and custody cases. A mediator is a person that guides two parties through a negotiation process so that both parties can limit stress, ease tension, and same time and money, ultimately […]

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