Child custody can get complicated in the summer


Child custody can get complicated in the summer

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Child Custody

Summer visitation can be problematic for divorced couples who struggle to make child custody arrangements for the summer months. During the school year parents rely on regular routines for custody and visitation planning as most people’s lives are on a work, school and weekend schedule. However, in the summer time schedules can become chaotic. Suddenly children are out of school for three months, and vacation plans can conflict with your child’s extracurricular activities — such as soccer, swimming, baseball and softball.

When custody disputes arise divorced parents should refer to their decree of divorce or most recent custody order to determine their summer custody and visitation rights. If your decree or court order is confusing or ultimately unhelpful then your first option should be to try to work it out with the other parent. If that does not yield acceptable results then you may need to consult with an attorney.
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