Summertime Child Custody Issues – Contact A Lawyer


Summertime Child Custody Issues – Contact A Lawyer

child custody lawyer pocatelloNot only is summer visitation a tricky situation for divorced parents, but with COVID-19 related issues, it can get even trickier.

During the school year, schedules and routines plan people’s lives. There is a school week schedule and a weekend schedule to follow that help establish the needs of the kids and what type of schedules make sense. But the summertime is not planned out that way and can be chaotic and disorganized.

Between summer vacations, visitation schedules, and extracurricular activities – summer custody suddenly becomes complicated and frustrating. With the help of Pocatello child custody lawyers like Baker And Harris Law, you can reach expert child custody arrangements that will work for your family during the summer months.

Summertime Child Custody Plan With An Expert Pocatello Lawyer

Child custody agreements typically include how much time each parent has with their kids during the week, on the weekend, during school breaks, during holiday breaks, on holidays and sometimes include non-traditional elements of child custody that both parents agreed to at the time the custody agreement was made.

If a specific plan isn’t designed for summer needs, you should consider rewriting that agreement so that summertime custody doesn’t get so complicated. Perhaps you wrote the agreement before your children were old enough to participate in competitive sports or before you were able to travel each summer to see family.  A new agreement will meet your needs as they are today rather than 5 years ago.

Don’t Forget To Include COVID-19 Stipulations If Necessary

Due to COVID-19, it is wise to consult with your lawyer about your concerns regarding traveling, pick-up and drop-offs, and either parent’s exposure to the virus. As this is subject to change, an attorney can provide information that will help you and your co-parent feel safe.

When custody disputes arise divorced parents should always refer to their decree of divorce or most recent custody order to determine their summer custody and visitation rights. If your decree or court order is confusing or ultimately unhelpful then your first option should be to try to work it out with the other parent. If that does not yield acceptable results then you may need to consult with an attorney. You can schedule a consultation for all your family law issues with an attorney at Baker and Harris Law in Pocatello.