Common Reasons For Winter Car Accidents And Why You Need An Attorney


Common Reasons For Winter Car Accidents And Why You Need An Attorney

Because of Pocatello’s winter weather conditions, car accidents are common and car accident injuries can require experienced professional legal help to secure compensation for losses obtained because of the car accident and any other damages that occurred. Thankfully, Baker Harris Law has experienced attorneys that understand the different aspects of car accident lawsuits and how to maneuver through all of the legal matters. From documentation to negotiation, Baker Harris can help you!

Common Reasons For Winter Accidents

Typically, we would automatically think of slippery roads as the reason for a winter-related car accident, but there are other factors that can be involved and a car accident could easily come down to the driver of one of the vehicles neglecting to pay attention to the road, following to close, driving distracted, driving to close, and/or driving under the influence. However, there are other very common reasons that winter accidents happen:

  • Icy Roads – Without maintaining the right amount of traction on the road, your vehicle can easily slip and slide on a patch of ice or even slush. You don’t have to lose complete control to have an accident. In Pocatello’s winter weather, it is best to operate a vehicle that has anti-lock brake systems that can prevent wheels from locking up. But, cars are going to slip on ice….it happens.
  • Following Too Close – The measurable distance between you and another car may seem adequate based on normal driving conditions. But in winter weather, you need to give yourself more space to be able to brake correctly. Slamming on the brakes at the last second or even in an appropriate amount of time for regular weather conditions may not be enough to keep your car from crashing into the one in front of you. You need room to slowly come to a stop and avoid skidding and sliding. In winter weather conditions, give yourself about 16 car lengths between you and another vehicle.
  • Visibility – When visibility is decreased, driving conditions are more unpleasant. Heavy rains, snow, and sleet all contribute to winter car accidents and can be a hazard to even the most seasoned drivers. Winter weather can limit how far ahead you can see, fog windows and lights, and limit the visibility through the front and back windshields. Keep your windshield wipers and wiping fluid prepped for bad weather days while also making sure to turn on your vehicle lights during poor weather conditions to help avoid automobile accidents.

The last thing that you want to do during bad winter weather is to drive poorly. Avoid driving while you are tired and follow the laws of the road. Don’t drive while distracted by phones or text messages. Be sure to call a friend or an Uber if you are intoxicated. Stay alert. Negligence on the road doesn’t only result in car accident injuries, but it can take your life or another’s. Drive safe during this winter season and stay prepared. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, contact the professional car accident attorneys at Baker Harris Law for a consultation today!