COVID-19 And Child Custody Concerns


COVID-19 And Child Custody Concerns

child custody pocatello, child custody lawyer pocatello, child custody attorney pocatelloChild custody issues are a challenge on their own, but add in the Coronavirus pandemic and families are finding extra complications in their daily lives. Because safety is such a huge concern, child custody and visitation becomes a nightmare for parents concerned with the safety and well-being of their children.

How Does Coronavirus Complicate Child Custody And Visitation In Pocatello?

COVID-19 isn’t just affecting parents who are in a custody battle currently. Seasoned coparents who have their visitation schedules down to a science are struggling with visitation concerns. More than likely, parents who are newly separated are struggling to find what works. With the pandemic outbreak, visitation concerns are piling up with questions about how to make visitation safe.

Many parents are considered “essential workers” and are face-to-face with the public daily. At least one parent is understandable concerned with infection risks. Those parents who work in healthcare and are in direct contact with infected patients are struggling with the risk they put themselves in as well as their children.

Co-parents are finding that they are in need of reworking visitation guidelines to make visitation work for their unique situations as well as with school closures and homeschooling in areas that are closed down.

Some other issues that come up in child custody issues due to COVID1-19 are:

  • Reducing travel and potential exposure to the virus
  • Long distance visitation and traveling
  • Out of state holiday visitation and incoming family visits for the holidays
  • Supervised visitation and limitations on available social workers due to social distancing
  • Virtual school and homeschool

When Agreements Cannot Be Made

Separated and divorced parents are in fear of their children’s safety and this is leading to more courtroom “battles”.  Child Custody modifications are being filed that without the pandemic might otherwise not have been. When a parent files a child custody modification due to COVID-19 concerns, you need to contact an experienced child custody attorney that can help you move through the battle fairly. Each parent’s rights should be protected and the safety of the children and the children’s best interests should always come first.

While some judges may not consider COVID-19 a significant risk, some parents do argue the safety of their children when the other parent is “exposed” to the virus and become a potential threat to the children’s health.

This issue is new to the court system and with little evidence about the full-blown impact of COVID-19 and children, the turn-out of a case is going to heavily rely on the information the judge is given by both parties’ attorneys. You don’t have to risk the relationship and time you have with your children. In Pocatello, Idaho, the child custody and family law attorneys at Baker & Harris Law are experienced in challenging child custody cases and will work tirelessly to help you with your case.

If you find yourself dealing with a legal issue regarding the custody and visitation of your children, contact Baker & Harris Law today. We can help safeguard your rights and make sure that the best interests of your children are upheld.