What To Expect From Divorce Lawyers During A Consultation


What To Expect From Divorce Lawyers During A Consultation

divorce lawyer blackfoot, divorce attorney blackfootPreparing for a divorce consultation can be scary and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to expect. The attorneys at Baker And Harris are firm believers in client empowerment and want to make sure you know what to expect (and what you should expect) during a divorce consultation. The divorce lawyers at Baker And Harris in Blackfoot are experienced in divorce cases and want to help you get through a consultation feeling stronger and better.

Expect To Be Treated With Warmth

You should not leave a divorce consultation feeling worse off than before you went. Your divorce lawyer should understand that you are going through an emotional time and you should be treated with care and consideration. Divorcing adults often suffer from anxiety, panic, fear, and anger during a divorce and any divorce lawyer should act with respect for those feelings.

Expect To Learn Your Lawyer’s History

You don’t need a book-length description, but a good divorce lawyer will want you to understand that they have experience dealing with difficult divorce cases and have the ability to take care of you the best way that they can. Nobody wants to walk into a divorce feeling incompetent – you should expect your attorney to prove that they are capable of taking on the job.

Follow-Up And Check-In’s

During a consultation, your heightened emotional state may make it difficult to remember everything you talked about with the attorney and what steps are going to come next. You can expect a good attorney to provide some follow-up and even recap some key points in an email.

Expect To Be Asked Questions

To help you in the best possible way, your divorce lawyer is going to want to know and understand your current situation. This will include information about children, finances, debts, and property. Your divorce lawyer wants to make sure that they offer the proper advice and support so expect to answer questions about what you want out of your divorce and why.

Expect Homework

After your initial consultation, the divorce attorney may send you with some assignments. You may be asked to gather financial records and information, including documents about debts, assets, and liabilities. (Providing this information in the initial consultation is much more productive)

Expect Privacy

You should never worry about your privacy during a divorce consultation. Many individuals seek information without being 100% sure that they want to move in that direction. Your consultation is confidential and should be treated in such a way that you feel safe.

Contact An Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Blackfoot

If you are considering a divorce or are in immediate need of a divorce lawyer in Billings, contact the experienced team at Baker And Harris. We are qualified and experienced to make sure you have the help and support that you need during a difficult time.