Family Law: Divorce and Children


Family Law: Divorce and Children

Ending a marriage can be distressing and one of the hardest things you might thave to go through. Ending a marriage when there are children involved can be downright devastating. While divorce is difficult for the entire family, children often have the hardest time adjusting to the changes. It is crucial to take precautions when talking to your children about divorce. Baker Harris Law has compiled a few steps that you can take to help you minimize your children’s anxiety when talking about divorce. Keep in mind that children at different age levels will have different understandings of what a divorce means.

Keep it simple

Do not use your children as a sounding board for any adult problems that are not their responsibility or their fault. When you tell your children about divorce don’t go into details that they may not understand or don’t really need to know. Going into too much detail can cause confusion or potentially make your children feel like the divorce is a result of something they did.

Be available

When you talk to your children about the divorce you should expect them to have questions and concerns. Pay attention to how they respond to the divorce and keep an eye on their reactions over the following weeks and months. Let your children know that you are there to talk to whenever they need you. Nothing hurts worse than feeling that you are cut off from your parents. If you have a difficult time talking with your children about the divorce you may want to consider obtaining guidance from a professional.

Don’t badmouth or criticize your ex in front of your children

Divorce can be a messy and emotional process and as tempting as it can be to badmouth your ex try to keep your anger or bitterness away from your children. Children shouldn’t have to worry about which parent is better than the other, or which parent is to blame. Putting your children in the middle of these situations can end up hurting them in the long run. Their happiness and well-being should be more important than venting about your ex. From a legal standpoint, badmouthing or criticizing your spouse in front of or to your children can also cause complications with the divorce, especially if a custody battle is involved.

Let your children know they are not to blame

Children have a tendency to blame themselves for the divorce of their parents. Maybe they should have listened more or they shouldn’t have broken that window when playing baseball last week. When going through a divorce you need to keep your children in mind. Comfort your children and let them know they are not to blame. Reassure your children that your decision for divorce had nothing to do with anything they did. Let them know that they will have the love and support from both parents no matter what.

The family law attorneys at Baker Harris Law in Blackfoot have decades of experience when it comes to family law and divorce cases. If you are considering a divorce we are here to help.

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