Modify Holiday Visitation Plans With Expert Mediation


Modify Holiday Visitation Plans With Expert Mediation

If your Christmas has been miserable since your divorce or separation, you have probably put some thought into the way your custody arrangement is set up and how the holidays are divided between you and your children’s other parent. 

When the holidays leave one parent alone, that parent can easily become angered, resentful and jealous – which can open a whole can of problems for the entire family unit. However, alternative child custody arrangements around the holidays can help alleviate the loneliness, pain and separation that parents and children feel under these circumstances. 

Typical child custody arrangements definitely reduce the amount of time that children get to spend with each parent and with extended family. As an alternative solution, you may seek a legal mediator to help modify your child custody agreement and holiday visitation schedule. If that is the option you want to take, contact the experts at Baker And Harris Law in Blackfoot today! 

Alternative Solutions For Holiday Visitation – Child Custody Lawyers In Blackfoot

Choosing a mediator for modifying a child custody agreement is one of the best things you could do for your family unit. A mediator is a neutral person who is working to help both parents find a compromised agreement that is in the best interest of the children involved. In Blackfoot, parents do often have trouble reaching agreements on their own. Emotions are high when divorce and child-custody come up and that can make compromising difficult. With a child custody lawyer doing the mediating, the emotional aspect can be taken down and fair solutions can be reached. 

Proposing New Holiday Visitation Solutions To Your Child’s Other Parent – Do’s And Dont’s

  • Give the other parent enough time to consider the alternative plans. This is a big change and can be scary for any parent. Changes often feel like a threat. Reassure your child’s other parent that you don’t want to take time AWAY from them and that you want to find a solution so that everyone involved gets time together. 
  • Don’t go into the conversation making demands and trying to establish control. You are CO-PARENTING, which means giving the other parent opportunity to make decisions, reach agreements and be a parent. Explain that you want to make sure everyone is happy.
  • Let the other parent know that you are thinking of them. Remind them that an alternative schedule would give BOTH of you more opportunity to spend holiday time with the children.
  • Remember that there are other options if your children’s other parent doesn’t want to agree or compromise. Approach the situation for a communicative and mature resolution but understand that you may not receive that. Early and late Christmas celebrations can be just as fun! 
  • It’s about the kids – keep it about them. Your kids don’t need to be spoiled with gifts and outdone by each parent. It’s not a competition and your kids are not going to appreciate the tension and stress that fighting parents bring to Christmas. Spend time with them. Let them know that you love them. Do your best to create fun and happy memories with your children.

Ultimately, your holiday celebration will be what you decide to make it. Blaming the other non-cooperative parent for not going along with your plans isn’t going to make Christmas any better for you or for your kids. Get your attitude and focus in check and come up with alternative solutions for you and your kids so that you can enjoy the holidays. You can approach any holiday custody situation with fun and excitement even if it doesn’t go the way you have pictured in your mind. 

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