Pocatello Divorce Lawyer On Co-Parenting During The Holidays After Divorce


Pocatello Divorce Lawyer On Co-Parenting During The Holidays After Divorce

child custody lawyer pocatelloCo-parenting can be a challenge for any divorced couple. During the holidays, emotions can get high as parents want to spend time with their families and include their children but may not have the option to do so or may not be able to make arrangements so that both parents get the time that they want. It’s during these tricky times that divorced parents need to keep their children in mind and remember that their decisions and their actions will have an affect on their children. 

Pocatello Divorce Lawyers – Co-parenting After Divorce

Pocatello divorce lawyers, Baker and Harris Law, have been through many divorce custody battles and have seen different situations and have some advice for parents on the best way to handle co-parenting their children during the holidays and splitting up holiday time. If divorced parents cannot come to an agreement together, they should always defer to their legal custody arrangements. If you have questions about your current legal custody arrangement or want to learn more about what you can do to optimize your co-parenting custody arrangement, contact the family law attorneys at Baker And Harris Law

  1. Consider Your Children’s Wishes – If your children are old enough and have a preference, let them help you decide how they might spend their holiday vacation. If one parent is going to get to see extended family that your children haven’t seen in a long time and they want to spend time with them, adjust the custody schedule to make room for that. Be considerate and respectful of your children’s wishes, but remember that your decision should ultimately work for everyone if possible. 

  2. Be Flexible – If your ex-spouse is remarried and planning the holidays around time that they have with step-children, take that into consideration when making plans for the holidays. Co-parenting isn’t about getting what you want, it’s about making sure that your ex-spouse can be a parent, too. Some parents still work on holidays and that might interrupt the custody schedule. Be flexible and reasonable. If you are concerned about stepping out of your legal custody agreement, talk to a child custody lawyer to help you understand the law. 

  3. Don’t Let A Power Trip Cause Problems – It is so easy for divorced couples to let their ego’s jump in the way. When this happens, drama starts and problems arise. Kids notice it. They will notice that the choices being made aren’t about what is best for them, but about one parent controlling the situation. Make sure your kids see you at your best and show them that co-parenting is about being amicable and respecting the feelings of your ex and your children. 

  4. Consider Joint Holiday Time – Not all divorced families can make joint holiday time work, but some can. If possible, try scheduling in some time for the kids to be with both their mother and their father. If your spouse still has a relationship with your family members, invite them to Christmas dinner or to share Christmas morning. The stereotypical divorce custody schedule is restrictive and divisive. Your family does not have to funtion that way if it works for you! 

  5. Be Fair – Ultimately, the biggest part of co-parenting comes with just being fair. If you aren’t in a position where sharing holiday time and deviating from your custody plan is something you can do, at least treat your custody arrangement with respect. Respect drop off and pick up times. Don’t take away from your ex’s time with the kids by being late or interrupt their plans by not picking up the kids or dropping them off on time. Be considerate and reasonable and the holiday custody arrangement should work fine. 

If you are in the Pocatello area and you are considering modifying your custody arrangement or need to implement one, the child custody and family law professionals at Baker And Harris Law can help.