Pocatello Personal Injury Lawyers – Common Lawsuits


Pocatello Personal Injury Lawyers – Common Lawsuits

Personal injury casespersonal injury lawyer pocatello arise every year, over and over because of one individual’s neglect. Personal injuries carry the weight of incredible financial burden plus pain and suffering that can damage a person’s quality of life. No individual should be held responsible for the financial obligations that arise because of the carelessness of another. The personal injury lawyers at Baker & Harris Law have helped many victims with personal injury cases and want you to know that you should be compensated for loss of time from work, loss of wages, and the debt associated with an injury that could have been avoided.

Pocatello Personal Injury Lawyers – Common Lawsuits

If you suffered any type of injury due to the carelessness of someone else, you are allowed to seek compensation. By contacting a personal injury attorney, you can get the legal advice you need to determine if you have a case and what you need to win your case. Remember, there are several different types of personal injury lawsuits. Personal injuries are experienced by mislabeling of medication, public slips/falls, automobile accidents, dog bites, assault and medical malpractice.

Because personal injuries can happen almost anytime and almost anywhere, there are too many types of accidents to name. But these are the most common that come up in legal suits.

Product Liability – 

Product liability is a very common type of personal injury that causes a massive amount of injuries every year. There is an Enfamil NEC class-action lawsuit now pending in federal court. NEC is a very serious condition that can result in permanent injury or death. Families that have been affected can receive large compensations for the injuries sustained by their infants. This is one type of product liability. Defective food, medications, safety equipment, automobiles, and other product manufacturers are obligated to make sure that these products are safe for consumers.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Public areas are often the blame for slip and fall injuries. These injuries can be very serious and the victim could sustain hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical debt, not to mention time off work due to the injury and/or permanent disability. When these types of injuries are sustained, the victim can consult with a personal injury lawyer to establish the best course of action to take against the agency involved.

Vehicle Accident Claims

Automobile accidents can also be a little tricky because you have to prove that the accident was a cause of neglect and carelessness. However, in situations like drunk driving or under the influence, claims can be much easier to win. If you believe that an accident causing injury was the result of another driver’s carelessness or neglect, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact our office today to get more information or to schedule a consultation.


Criminal cases of personal injury are very common. Assault charges are filed against people who have violently attacked an individual. While assault is considered a criminal offense, victims have every right to file a personal injury suit against the attacker. The victim can be awarded compensation for medical expenses that occurred from the attack and more.

Assault is a common case filed against criminals every year, and while assault is considered a criminal offense, the victim of the assault has the legal right to file a suit against the person who attacked him/her. When an assault results in medical expenses because of injury, the victim can file for compensation from the assaulter.

Medical Malpractice

Malpractice in the medical field can be much more complicated and challenging. Essentially, an individual who feels that they did not receive reasonable or adequate care from a medical professional might file a claim – however, these types of claims require the opinions and findings of another medical expert who can prove that the provider of the medical service was not following standard and proper medical practices.

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