Want To Know What Is Covered By Worker’s Comp?


Want To Know What Is Covered By Worker’s Comp?

workers compensation attorney pocatelloJob-related injuries or illnesses are covered under Idaho workers’ compensation benefits – with the exception of a few less-common circumstances. Workers’ comp insurance covers injuries that occur during the course of employment. This could be an injury related to a fall, machine malfunction, automobile accident or another accident that causes injury. This can also be injuries or illnesses due to your work environment like carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive typing on a computer or illness from chemicals or exposure to dangerous substances. As long as the injury happened on the clock, at the workplace, or at a work-sponsored event, it should be covered by workers’ compensation. If you suffer a work-related injury that you want to file a workers’ compensation claim for, talk to the professionals at Baker & Harris Law in Pocatello before you make the first move – we can help you do it right.

Questions To Consider Before Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pocatello

Where Did The Injury Occur?

It may seem like a work-related illness or injury should be clear-cut and that you should be awarded benefits by workers’ comp, but that isn’t always how it works out. Where you were and what you were doing at the time of the injury can greatly impact your eligibility for benefits. Generally, if you were on the clock and performing job-related duties assigned to you by your employer, you should be covered.

Injuries acquired during company parties, picnics, and sports games could possibly be eligible for workers’ comp benefits, as well as illness or injuries sustained while traveling as part of your work-related duties. That means that if you obtain an injury while driving to pick up office supplies or drop off a package for shipping, you can be covered by workers’ comp. Talk to a professional workers’ compensation attorney at Baker & Harris Law to determine your unique situation and what you are entitled to.

There are always gray areas when dealing with insurance companies and there are gray areas when it comes to being compensated for injuries obtained during extra-curricular activities that occur outside of your regular work environment. But that doesn’t mean that you are not eligible for benefits. Get a professional opinion before you make a decision.

Were You At Fault?

You are not banned from receiving workers’ comp benefits just because an injury or illness occurred out of your own negligence. Distractions, failure to follow operating instructions, or failure to follow company rules does not mean that you cannot receive benefits. Eligibility determination is not considering who is at fault except in special circumstances.

You may not be eligible for benefits if the injury was a result of:

  • drug or alcohol use
  • purposely self-inflicted

Alternative Legal Options Due To A Workplace Injury In Pocatello

In other situations, an injured employee may seek to sue his/her employer outside of the workers’ comp program. While this is a rare occurrence, if an employer failed to follow state or federal laws, a resulting injury can be the fault of the employer. Also, employers who retaliate against an employee for seeking workers’ comp benefits can be sued. Again, this instance doesn’t happen very often, but if it does come up, please contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Baker & Harris Law for a consultation today!