8 Things About Pocatello Workers Comp Claims You Probably Don’t Know


8 Things About Pocatello Workers Comp Claims You Probably Don’t Know

Workers Comp benefitsworkers comp injury pocatello are not completely black and white – there is definitely gray area and different situations garner different results. One thing always stays the same though. If you are in Pocatello and you are thinking about filing a workers comp claim, you should consult with a workers comp attorney that can help you along the way. The attornies at Baker & Harris Law are experienced in handling workers comp claims in Pocatello and can help you understand your rights and responsibilities – and everything you need to do to win your case.

Most people don’t realize everything that is covered by workers comp and how workers comp works. Unless you’ve gone through the process, you probably don’t know a lot about workers comp. That’s ok. Baker & Harris Law is committed to educating the community about workers comp claims. Here are 8 things that you probably don’t know about workers comp.

  1. Even if the injury was due to your own negligence – you might still receive benefits. There are specific instances where the injured person will not be covered. If drugs or alcohol are involved or for certain intentional acts and injuries, the employee is likely to not receive benefits.
  2. Don’t worry about pre-auth’s – workers comp doesn’t work like typical health insurance. That means that in cases where many insurance companies require a pre-auth, workers comp doesn’t. You can recieve benefits for previous medical treatment.
  3. You could be covered if your job worsens a pre-existing condition – Injuries or illness that is caused, aggravated, or made worse due to your employment can be compensated for. This includes previous physical conditions.
  4. Hearing loss is included in benefits – Employees that work in loud areas can suffer long-term hearing impairment and even complete hearing loss. Employees can file workers comp claims and recieve benefits for both.
  5. Exposure to chemicals and other harmful elements can cause illness – These illnesses are covered by workers comp. If you are diagnosed with a disease or illness, let your doctor know what chemicals you are exposed to so that he can assess whether it is related.
  6. Settlements are not fixed and will vary based on each situation – every settlement is unique to the particular situation and injury or illness. You should ALWAYS consult with an experienced attorney before agreeing to or signing a settlement. In many cases, you may be offered much less than you are entitled to given your personal situation. Always seek a professional attorney to review your case before you decide to settle.
  7. If your doctor says you can go back to work, then go back to work – But make sure you follow up with the doctor so that you can report how you are doing. Especially if your condition worsens. Doctors may start you off on light duty at first.
  8. Your benefits will never stop out of the blue or without notice – you will see a petition to stop terminate, modify, or suspend benefits well before they are stopped and a judge hasn’t to sign the petition for the benefits to stop. If you recieve any type of notice about your benefits ending or changing, consult with your attorney right away.

You may be unsure about your particular injury or illness and if it is something that will be covered by workers comp. Don’t take any steps until you have talked to an attorney. A workers comp lawyer is your best bet to succeeding in your claim and recieving the benefits that you are entitled to. If you are in Pocatello or nearby, reach out to the experts at Baker & Harris Law today.