How Does Worker’s Comp Work Exactly?


How Does Worker’s Comp Work Exactly?

workers comp attorney blackfoot, workers comp lawyer blackfoot, workers comp benefits blackfootWhen you are hurt at work or become ill as a result of your job, worker’s compensation benefits may be available to you. Employees who suffer falls, back strains and other accidents at work are covered under worker’s compensation benefits. So are injuries resulting from repetitive motions – that means office employees who spend their days on the computer typing and get carpal tunnel syndrome are entitled to worker’s comp.

Blackfoot Idaho Worker’s Comp Attorney

While you may qualify for worker’s comp benefits, you may find some push back from worker’s comp or even from your employer that make it difficult to receive the benefits you are entitled to. If you do become injured at work, contact the professional team at Baker And Harris Law Firm to help you with your legal rights and your worker’s comp benefits.

Where Did Your Injury Or Illness Occur?

When a work-related injury happens, your rights regarding compensation benefits isn’t 100% clear. Your location at the time of the injury can play a role in determining your eligibility. Injuries that happen while you are clocked in at work and performing job-related tasks are generally covered by worker’s comp – even if you aren’t physically on your employer’s property. This means that employees who drive for their companies, or travel can be awarded worker’s comp benefits.

During company-sponsored events like a Christmas party or picnic, you might also be considered eligible to receive benefits under worker’s comp.

But workers comp isn’t always black and white. There are fine areas when it comes to activities that occur off-site of your workplace. In these circumstances, it is always best practice to contact a professional worker’s compensation attorney who understands your rights and can fight for them if necessary.

What If The Injury Was My Fault?

Accidents are accidents. That means that even if you were injured due to your own negligence, you are likely still eligible to receive worker’s comp benefits. Distractions and failure to follow operating instructions aren’t typically considered for workers comp.

However, purposeful self-inflicted injuries or any injuries resulting from drug or alcohol use become very gray areas. Not just for you but for your employer. In this circumstance, your best action is to consult with a qualified worker’s compensation attorney like Baker And Harris in Blackfoot. 

What If Workers Comp Isn’t Enough? Are There Further Legal Actions I Can Take?

In certain circumstances, you may have questions regarding the liability of your employer. Though it isn’t common that employers fail to follow state or federal laws that protect their employees, it can happen. When those situations arise, the injured party may want to take legal action against their employer. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine if you have a case and what steps need to be taken next.

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